MES firmly believes that only through continuous involvement and uninterrupted presence can effective awareness-raising on local biodiversity and its conservation be achieved. Consequently, we have been involved in research and conservation activities in Prespa since 1980s, but in order to fully live up to the first sentiment, in July of 2018, the Society finally managed to open its first local office, with financial aid from PONT (Goce Delchev street, Resen).

We strive to support all citizen initiatives dedicated to the conservation and research of local biodiversity, both logistically and with the expertise that our researchers and conservationists have obtained through continuous involvement in the region in the past few decades. Efficient data collection for research and conservation purposes relies heavily on citizen involvement, and threfore MES is putting an accent on awareness raising, especially environmental education of younger generation. This is an investment in the future active stakeholders in Prespa region, who will take actions with an underlying understanding of the environment and the complex relationships between its members, where man takes an equal, but more responsible role.

Through collaboration with the Municipality of Resen and protected area authorities, we strive to establish an active environmental group in Prespa, involving people of all walks of life to use every opportunity to gather data from nature and actively report on conservation threats. This could be the needed ecological pressure for breaking societal passivity.

The local office is currently the “checkpoint” of all our activities in Prespa, and so for more information or if you wish to join, please contact or/and visit us.