Newt mointoring with NP Galichica

MES and NP Galichica started a detailed monitoring scheme (using the capture-mark-recapture methodology) of the Macedonian newt (Triturus macedonicus) in Simoncheska Pond on Mt. Galichica. During two capture sessions we used aquatic funnel traps to trap newts and photographed the unique belly color patterns of each captured individual in order to recognize recaptures. This efficient and reliable methodology of estimating newt population size was implemented for the first time in North Macedonia and is another testament to the fruitful collaboration between MES and NP Galichica. Practicing such standardized methodology is crucial to North Macedonia’s European Union aspirations. Namely, the Macedonian newt is on Annex II of the EU habitats directive, which means that its presence qualifies the area for a protected NATURA 2000 site and its populations should be monitored continuously.